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Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion is a collaboration between See Chicago Dance (SCD) and the Chicago Cultural Alliance (CCA). This pilot project explores how movement and dance can enliven tangible objects in heritage museums, and how this type of creative interpretation could increase audiences' interest and knowledge of cultural heritage represented by the partnering museum. 

From winter through summer 2018, CCA and SCD will work to develop an interactive program series in collaboration with three museums serving as host partners:

o   South Side Community Art Center

o   Chinese American Museum of Chicago

o   Indo-American Heritage Museum

Each event will consist of a showing of the objects, presentation of dance, and discussion on the intersection and process with curator and choreographer. Selected choreographers will develop new movement (or pull from existing repertoire and re-work) in partnership with and in response to objects and themes present in collections at the host museum. Three choreographic partners will be selected by panel review. The panel will be made up of leaders in the Chicago dance field as well as host museum representatives.

Artist fees will be awarded on a sliding scale with awards ranging between $1,000 to $1,500. The awarded amount will be determined by the review panel and will be based on the project budget, complexity of the work, number of performers, etc. 

CLICK HERE to access a complete list of guidelines for Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion. 

All applications and related materials must be either submitted online through Submittable or submitted through US postal service by 5pm, January 4, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. Awards will be announced in late January 2018.

Questions? Please contact Surinder Martignetti at surinder@audiencearchitects.com

This program is made possible by funding from The Joyce Foundation and the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance.

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